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 Jakarta, 1 July 2019 -------- Exactly on 1 July 2019 the Military Ocean Cross Command (Kolinlamil) is even 58 years old. The highlight of the 58th anniversary of Kolinlamil this year, was commemorated by a Military Parade Ceremony at M. Silam Field, Kolinlamil Pier, North Jakarta with a simple but full of reverence. Acting as the ceremonial inspector of the Commander of the Military Sea Cross Command, Admiral TNI TNI Heru Kusmanto, SE, MM while the Commander of the Ceremony was entrusted to the KRI Commander in Banda Aceh Marine Lt. Col. (P) Ali Setiandi, MTr. Hanla.

At the ceremony, in addition to being attended by the top officers of the Indonesian Navy, also attended by the Commander of the Military Academy from time to time. And after the Parade, Soldiers of Kolinlamil collaborated with the community to display a combination of various professional abilities of Kolinlamil warriors and archipelago art. The skill of the soldier who was exhibited was semaphore and martial arts taekwondo, while the Nusantara art presented included dance from Aceh, West Java and Papua and the rampak beduk was packaged colossally in one unity without leaving each other's distinctiveness. This added to the lively celebration of Kolinlamil's 58th Anniversary.

The series of ceremonies was closed with the defense of troops from various elements of the TNI, Polri, maritime agencies and ASN who, with a steady step across the pulpit paid homage to the Inspector Ceremony accompanied by the Commander of the Kolinlamil from time to time, as a form of gratitude and appreciation to the previous leaders for their service and dharma service in laying out the framework and sustainable development for the advancement of Kolinlamil.

Commander of the Indonesian Military Command Laksda Heru Kusmanto, SE, MM said that various activities carried out as a series of the 58th Anniversary of Kolinlamil, began in April, which coincided with Ramadhan and Eid al-Fitr by holding free Bazzar and Homecoming, both by sea with KRI Banda Aceh to various places in Sumatra and by land by Bus to various cities in Central Java and East Java. In addition, social health services have also been carried out, in the form of health and pap smear examinations and quite prestigious blood donors, with nearly 1,000 donors participating, in the future social services in the coastal areas of Jakarta and Sports will be carried out along with maritime agencies in the North Jakarta area.

"The commemoration of Kolinlamil's 58th birthday is an expression of gratitude, as well as the right momentum for introspection and self-evaluation to improve performance in the service of the Navy, TNI, Nation and State. Therefore the theme was very appropriate this time, namely "Based on the soul of Satya Wira Jala Dharma, Kolinlamil is ready to support the TNI's main task" If we describe it, Satya means Faithful; Wira means Warrior, Warrior or Patriot; Jala means Sea or Ocean; and Dharma means devotion. So the Kolinlamil Warriors must be Warriors / Warriors and Patriots who have loyalty in devoting themselves to the State and Nation. "Said the Commander explaining the meaning of Kolinlamil's 58th Anniversary theme.

The progress of Kolinlamil was also not spared from the work and support of the organization of the wives of the soldiers under the leadership of the Chairperson of the Joint Jalasenastri Kolinlamil which is currently held by Mrs. Yayuk Heru Kusmanto, who played an active role in empowering Kolinlamil women to provide positive benefits for the Kolinlamil family. .

Kolinlamil, which is the Kotama Operation of the TNI, is tasked with carrying out TNI sea transport operations, both in Military Operations for War (OMP) and Military Operations Other Than War (OMSP) and Sea Transport assistance in accordance with the policy of the TNI Commander. Aside from being Kotama Operasi, Kolinlamil is also a Coaching Kotama which means as the sole mentor of TNI sea transport, fostering the ability of the military sea transportation system, fostering the potential of national sea transportation for national defense and security interests and fostering operational readiness to carry out TNI sea transport covering personnel, equipment and debriefing, both tactical, strategic and administrative in accordance with the policy of the TNI Commander and domiciled under and responsible to Kasal.

In carrying out its duties, Kolinlamil carried out functions such as fostering the ability to carry out military sea transport through training, research, testing and development of tactics and procedures for military sea transport in accordance with TNI AL plans and programs; coordinate and develop sea transport plans and programs for all TNI personnel based on TNI plans and programs; and assist national sea transportation in the context of TNI service in accordance with the policies of the TNI Commander. 

Our Bhakti, For the Country.
In the course of history, the founding of Kolinlamil was a strategic idea of ​​the Indonesian Navy's elders who were able to look ahead to the importance of the military sea transport system in supporting the TNI's main tasks. Kolinlamil was formed in the midst of the incessant Government of the Republic of Indonesia to retake West Irian from Dutch colonizers. 
On the basis of strategic considerations and duties assigned, Kolinlamil has undergone several name changes since it was formed in Jakarta on July 1, 1961 under the name "Djawatan Laut Laut Militer" or DALMIL based on the ALRI Chief of Staff Decree.
Along with the spirit of liberation of West Irian through TRIKORA, DALMIL was renamed the KOALMIL Military Sea Transport Command, based on the Decree of the President / Supreme Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces / First Commander of the Supreme Command for the Liberation of West Irian Ir. Soekarno on April 5, 1962. 
And according to the provisions of the Comanders Call ALRI, on February 27, 1970 the name KOALMIL was changed again to the Military Sea Transport Service or DISANGLAMIL based on the Anglamil Director's Decree. 
Subsequently , on May 4, 1970, the Military Sea Transport Service (DISANGLAMIL) was changed to Command Military Ocean Cross or Kolinlamil up to now, on the basis of the Naval Chief of Staff's Instructions.

In the period 1961 to 1970 by operating 9 Warships (RI Banggai, RI Nusa Telu, RI Plaju, RI Cepu, RI Teluk Wadjo, RI Bay You, RI Teluk Manado, AL Tanjung Radja and AL Tanjung Nusanive) Kolinlamil actively involved in various operations such as the Jayawijaya or Trikora operations, the Dwikora operation, the crackdown and cleaning up of the remnants of the September 30th Movement and other devotional operations. The current Mako Kolinlamil was first inaugurated by Commodore Moeljono Silam on May 10, 1966. 

The period 1971 to 1980 Kolinlamil was strengthened by the addition of warships from Japan and the former US Navy type Landing Ship Tank. In this period apart from carrying out various devotional operations, Kolinlamil was also involved in the Seroja operation in East Timor.

The period 1981 to 1990 Kolinlamil played an active role in assisting the government in providing transportation facilities such as the return of troubled migrant workers, transmigration and Lebaran homecoming and various other devotional operations. 

The 1991 to 2000 period Kolinlamil consolidated and optimized itself to carry out tasks such as student tourist visits, national jamboree and troop shifts and logistics throughout the NKRI region.

Period 2001 to 2010 Kolinlamil carried out routine military sea transportation activities, such as shifting troops and material in order to secure the border and the outer islands. In addition, Kolinlamil also supported the repatriation of 2,500 troubled TKIs from Malaysia, carried out a cruise of Bina Taqwa Pelajar and Bintal Juang Remaja Bahari (BJRB) and played an active role in humanitarian operations by transporting various assistance for victims of the Aceh Tsunami disaster.

The 2011 period until now begins with the MV release operation. Sinar Kudus in January 2011 involving KRI Banjarmasin 592, successfully brought home the MV. Holy rays safely and safely. Kolinlamil also successfully held a high-level meeting of the Commander of the Malaysian Armed Forces with the TNI Commander. Troops and material shift operations in border security operations and security of the outermost islands are routine operations carried out by Kolinlamil to date. 

In stages and continuing, various exercises to improve the professionalism of the Kolinlamil Warriors have been and are being carried out, including training on the L1 to L3 level, and military sea transport training, Operations for landing Administration and Armada Jaya Training which is the Indonesian Navy's Peak Training.

Since its establishment in 1961 until now Kolinlamil has changed leadership 35 times and starting January 3, 2019 Kolinlamil was led by the 36th Commander of the TNI Rear Admiral Heru Kusmanto, SE, MM 

Commander of the Sea Traffic Milter 
"Satya Wira Jala Dharma" 
Satria Faithful Ocean Serves for the Country 
(Dispen Kolinlamil)

posted @ Tuesday, July 2, 2019 1:16 PM by Dispen Kolinlamil

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